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    Default $6 GLAStR Tempered Glass

    I bought one for $9 but noticed that the seller on ebay has reduced the price to $5.87.

    I'm not sure if it's fake, but I suspect most of these are manufactured in the same place.

    The screen protector came in a plain brown box with no dust cloth or alcohol wipe, but I didn't pay $39 and those extras aren't worth that much upcharge.

    The printed instructions on the packaging say, "GLAStR" but I suspect it could be fake. In any case, it works just as well as the real one and for $6-$9 I can replace it at any time and not be worried about the cost.
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    Default Re: $6 GLAStR Tempered Glass

    Could you post the eBay link please?

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    Default Re: $6 GLAStR Tempered Glass

    Seller you used? Link?
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    Default Re: $6 GLAStR Tempered Glass

    http://www.phonearena.com/news/Count..._id1753/page/2http://www.phonearena.com/news/Count..._id1753/page/2I always wonder about this myself. On one hand you Know the Name Brand Companys is going to squeeze every penny out of their products. The on the other hand you have those low down dirty cheatin Chinese who are well known for putting out sub par products. I had personal experience with this with a pair of Sennheiser headsets. These things looked perfect, box and all. But they sounded terrible, so I tried a pair at a Box Store. Then I found this web site which has several examples of FAKE HEADSETS matched my brand new headsets. On this web site they have many example of FAKE headsets.
    And then there is this:

    All that said just to say I am even more confuses on what to believe. I know that my current Invisashield Glass feels outstanding! I also know that they will back their product because I had to make a claim when I attempted to clear that one little speck under the glass and I broke (cracked corner) the darn thing.

    So here is my bottom line, we all know if you hit a hard object on the glass directly its 50/50 no matter what cover you have on the glass. So we are really protecting from scratches. Thus your primary concern would be how the screen feels because any glass shield will protect from scratches.. My rambling 2 cents.

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