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    Default Re: Sony Z2 and Samsung Galaxy S5 compared in detail

    In the future, please refrain from copy/paste of articles. Also, please do not use the signature, "I don't use, or acknowledge the word ""troll""". A signature like that is just asking for trouble. Although it may not be your intent, using that signature may provoke some users into responding in a negative way. I have edited it out of all your posts.

    Per the Community Rules & Guidelines:

    Copy/Paste of Articles - Blatant copy/paste of articles from outside sources with no additional commentary is strictly prohibited. Failure to include your own original thoughts or relevant feedback is discouraged. Blatant copy/paste offenders will receive a warning or infraction.

    Trolling - Do not post inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages to provoke users into responding in a negative way. Calling another member a troll is also a form of trolling.

    Community Rules & Guidelines - Mobile Nations Forums

    I will also send you this via PM, in case you do not see this message.

    dpham00, Android Central Moderator

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