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    Default Galaxy S 5 Beep while charging

    I noticed that while charging with a charger that is not supplied with the phone, there is the sound that the phone makes when you first plug into a charger, and then while charging, it beeps every so often.....I believe its because I'm charging with a 1A charger, instead of the new 2A charger, but Verizon told me they were backwards compatible. Im wondering if anyone else has experienced this? If so, is there a way to silence this alert?
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    Default Re: Galaxy S 5 Beep while charging

    I noticed this on my ATT GS5 with this charger:
    Amazon.com: Griffin PowerBlock Dual Universal Charger for MP3 Players and USB Devices (Black): MP3 Players & Accessories

    It worked fine with our old Galaxy S2s. Do we need to updated chargers to 2A ones for this phone?
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    Default Re: Galaxy S 5 Beep while charging

    I've got the same issue. When I charge at night with an old micro USB 2.0 (or is it 2.1A?) charger that it beeps every so often and at times turns the display back on. It's very irritating. If there's no way to fix this other than upgrading all my chargers for this phone to USB3, that doesn't seem very backwards compatible.

    What I've noticed is if I bring up the "Battery" app, I see it change several times from "Charging" to "Not charging". Each time it beeps is when it goes from "Not charging" to "Charging". So obviously the S5 doesn't like these older non-USB3 chargers.
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    Default Re: Galaxy S 5 Beep while charging

    The phone charges fine with a USB 2 cable hooked to the new Samsung charger that came with the phone. So, it doesn't matter the cable, it matters how many amps your charger is putting out.

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