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    Question Dismiss Upcoming Alarm?

    A small but extremely useful feature I had on my Nexus 4, which allowed for you to dismiss an upcoming alarm from the notifications bar. It seems to be missing from the S5.
    Dismiss Upcoming Alarm?-alarm_notification.jpg

    Any ideas if its hidden anywhere?
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    Default Re: Dismiss Upcoming Alarm?

    Not sure about the s5,but it isn't in my note 3 or note 2 or s3.

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    Default Re: Dismiss Upcoming Alarm?

    I think you have to have clock version 3.0.0 (settings>apps>all>clock) for it to dismiss an upcoming alarm from the notifications bar on kit kat.But if you have that clock version already then Im not sure

    That's how I understood from what I read. I quoted part of the article below:

    One such minor enhancement that Google has introduced in Android 4.4 KitKat is the ability to dismiss upcoming alarms from the notification bar. A notification with the ability to dismiss an upcoming alarm will show up on the notification bar 2 hours before the alarm is ready to go off.
    This new feature is a part of the new Clock application introduced in Android 4.4, rather than the OS itself.
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    Default Re: Dismiss Upcoming Alarm?

    Quote Originally Posted by davidnc View Post
    I think you have to have clock version 3.0.0 (settings>apps>all>clock) for it
    the version of the clock on the s5 (that I have) is 3.0.822221, so later than the first version to have it. Struggling to find any apps that have it as a feature too.
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    Default Re: Dismiss Upcoming Alarm?

    Agree this is a very useful feature and it would be nice for Samsung to include it.

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