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    Default Freedi YouTube

    Any one use this on s5? I have used it on my s2, no problem. But on s5, there are no controls/menu like it shows in Amazon store.
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    Default Re: Freedi YouTube

    Am I the only person using this app?
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    Default Re: Freedi YouTube

    No you are not alone. I have the same problem, Freedi youtube worked fine in previous Android 4.2 and 4.3 but not 4.4 kitkat. It seems to download fine from the suggested videos on the first screen, but no where to find the menu for search. If you find it let me know.
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    Default Re: Freedi YouTube

    I finally found how to display the menu. After you load it, to the far left of the center button on bottom of phone put a finger on it. The menu should appear.

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    Default Re: Freedi YouTube

    OK got the fix for you, or more of a "work around".

    To start with the latest Freedi downloader app works fine to download on Android 4.2 and 4.3 and 4.4 of kitkat. The problem is the "menu" was no more accessible in the newer Android devices that got rid of the dedicated menu button.

    I recently got the Galaxy 12.2 note pro and the Freedi downloader became useless if you couldn't do a search to find the youtube video you wanted to download.

    After playing with the settings, I found a way to access the menu, here is how.

    Go to settings> "Device" tab> Accessibility> mobility> Assistant menu>turn the switch to "on".

    That's it, now you will see a little square showing on all apps that has several choices one of them is the "menu" choice and voila you're back in business.

    Hope that helps. Have fun.
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    Default Re: Freedi YouTube

    Just to clarify, the newest android devices got rid of the dedicated menu button and is supposed to give the user an "overflow" menu which is usually 3 dots (vertical) at the bottom right in the "menu bar" if the application designed for legacy calls for a menu.

    For some reason this does not work with all older apps. The above work around brings back a menu choice.

    Post back here if that works for others, or if run into some other problem.
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    Default Re: Freedi YouTube

    Pls I dont knw how to download videos with freedi player.I am using a samsung galaxy grand dual sim phone.pls I need help.I actually downloaded dis app cos a friend suggested it but its not helping me.I really nid to download cartoons for mt baby.

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