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    Cool WhatsApp instant notification problem :(

    Hi guys,

    Hope u can help!

    Got an S5 4g LTE recently (switched from another Samsung android, kept my same phone number and 3g sim), but my instant notifications from whatsapp have been hit & miss! Sometimes i get the instant notifications ok, sometimes i don't!

    I have tried "everything" suggested on the www e.g. restart, uninstall, reinstall etc. I've checked the notification settings etc, i have it on "always show pop up". I have the "show notifications" on in the whatsapp bit after i enter the general phone settings.

    Too often i have to go into the app to find out if i have any messages.........which i sometimes do, and they were sent hours ago! i have been testing my S5 by sending myself messages using another phone, and it is hit or miss!

    Everything else is working aok, unit is (too) legit (to quit) Is it just my network provider?!

    Many thanks

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    Default Re: WhatsApp instant notification problem :(

    Sorry I do not have a solution.

    I am having the same problem, I am on EE. I can not see a solution out there yet.

    Silly question but have you updated the phone and re booted it? Mine was playing up since the last update and I rebooted it and it was fine. whatsapp however is still messing about.
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    Default Re: WhatsApp instant notification problem :(

    Hi Steve,

    Yes, i have re-booted and updated etc. I quickly googled this problem just the other day, seems like a few folks around the world have this problem too! But i couldn't find a solution. Seems some with the S4 had this problem whenever the phone was locked/sleeping.

    If u do find a solution, pls tell me!

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