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    Question Trusted Credentials - What happens if they are all erased?

    I noted that my phone comes with a list of Trusted Credentials.

    Back when I had my phone messed up and it looked like a Factory Reset was in order, I thought about erasing all of those to see what effect it would have.

    Rather than do that exercise, I am asking what the downside would be?

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    Default Re: Trusted Credentials - What happens if they are all erased?

    Nothing. I do it all the time to clear the lock screen on my phone after using FoxFi.
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    Default Re: Trusted Credentials - What happens if they are all erased?

    I wiped mine when I was configuring OpenVPN and it somehow disabled fingerprint unlock. Wiping the creds reset it.
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    Default Re: Trusted Credentials - What happens if they are all erased?

    Knowing that now, means that when I first messed up my lockscreen, I still knew the pincode.

    Clearing the Trusted Credentials then would have allowed me to go back to my Pattern Swipe w/o rebooting/erasing the phone?
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    Default Re: Trusted Credentials - What happens if they are all erased?

    Somebody smarter than I needs to help the millions who use Android and make a dollar teaching what we can and can't disable in Android so malfunctions don't happen like it just did when I disabled everything. Now my Network is not found. Can't use internet.
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    Default Re: Trusted Credentials - What happens if they are all erased?

    Quote Originally Posted by RFclipse View Post
    Nothing. I do it all the time to clear the lock screen on my phone after using FoxFi.
    Not true. I just disabled them all and now "no network can be found" It's terribly sad that in a world of millions of people NOT ONE website dedicated to teaching the insides and outs of this android device so many use. Clearly there are companies that are incorporated into these so called "Trusted credentials" that we should not have to put up with. For anyone aware of what major corporations are doing today, you know this is a new world order agenda to gather personal information on everyone and I'm getting sick and tired of arguing this crap with trolls who defend this communist establishment worldwide. Android is very much a part of gathering your personal information, storing it in a super computer, later to be used against you when the mark of the beast is enforced. These CEO's need to be stopped and let satan figure out another way to capture the minds of we the people. These CEO's need their teeth kicked in for playing us as if we arent aware. We've always been aware but never stood against it, which makes us guilty so if you want to help the future generation and please God for our soul sake, speak up all you apathetic doers of nothing and suffer the same persecution I receive for writing this type of comment which is the truth. These scum corporations have NO RIGHT monitoring our every move on products we buy for OUR OWN PERSONAL USE! Burn in hell all of those who support this scum satanic infiltration of our sovereign rights to be private.
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    Default Re: Trusted Credentials - What happens if they are all erased?

    Wow! You are all right. "They" massively mine our data, and "They" store that data. Questions are: (1) who are "They"? and (2) what are "They" doing with all that data? Quick answers...everyone and everything. Companies, corporations, governments (both shadowy and legitimate) used to sell to us, to categorize us...take our money, take our freedoms and privacies.
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    Cool Re: Trusted Credentials - What happens if they are all erased?

    Here is the REALLY sad thing... I do not even know half of what these dang features on my phone mean. I could have my phone set to something that it should not be set to, that I do not even know about. That scares me. I am not a stupid person but I am also not tech savvy in the least. All as I do with this phone is email every now and then, text a lot, talk on the phone and access the internet. That is it. I feel like this stuff is way more technical than it needs to be. Why can't these companies just have a phone that is a lot more user friendly for people who are not as smart as the kids these days, and these techy types of people. I have tried to learn a lot of this stuff and there is just way too much to follow and understand. I am highly misguided and wish that there were a website for people like myself (as stupid as it sounds), who is a smart person but just not when it comes to technical gadgets that a person has to have on a daily basis. I have no idea how I lived without this thing in the 80's without breaking down on the freeway and having nobody to call. Or, how I got through school without it either. However, I have no idea what half of these features even mean. Whenever I give it to a kid who can help me out with it, they simply try to look through all of my stuff... I then have to rip it out of their hands immediately. I do know that I try to set EVERYTHING to private. I am pretty convinced that there is never going to be enough privacy, or there is something that I missed setting to private due to there being so many things that a person has to set to private. This thing is on the verge of making me paranoid. ;-) Why can't there be a simple online class/instructions for each brand of phone out there (Iphone, Smartphone, etc...) that shows a person how to use every single feature, or at least shows what it does or is used for. I am sure that I am speaking for many of us middle aged and older people out there too. This stuff can really get to be a difficult mess if you aren't careful. Well... Even if you are careful. I actually know of people who will not even have a cellphone due to the difficulty they have just using a computer. It's such a difficult mess for them. Unfortunately, they are some of the people who need a cellphone the most too. It would be nice if they made a phone with huge buttons that you could read too. That way our older generation can use these too. Just my rant for the day. Thank you for those of you who actually read this. I did not mean for it to become a novel.
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    Default Re: Trusted Credentials - What happens if they are all erased?

    Read this:

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    Default Re: Trusted Credentials - What happens if they are all erased?

    On a Pantech Discover there is an "Easy Experience" mode that I used when i changed from the Pantech Breeze flip phone. It was easy and intuitive while I went through the "Standard experience" mode to understand it and the Apps (applications) & settings.
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    Default Re: Trusted Credentials - What happens if they are all erased?

    This setting lists the certificate authority (CA) companies that this device regards as "trusted" for purposes of verifying the identity of a server, and allows you to mark one or more authorities as not trusted.

    On some devices this menu item may be called "View security certificates" instead.
    Background information

    Certificate authorities are companies that issue secure certificates verifying the identity of web servers and other servers (such as mail servers).

    When accessing a web server or mail server over a secure connection such as HTTPS (note the "S") not only does all communication need to be encrypted, but the identify of the server needs to be verified by checking that the site has a certificate provided by a trustworthy certificate authority. The certificate shows that the certificate authority has verified the authenticity of the server. For example, if the server claims to be "example.com", the certificate authority may issue a certificate assuring that they have checked that the certificate holder is the genuine owner of the domain "example.com". For secure connections, this prevents that name being able to be hijacked by a rogue server posing as the genuine server.

    Certificates are generated and verified using a cryptographic process which makes it possible for the server to prove its identity without revealing the secret key used to create this proof of identity. This prevents other servers being able to provide the same proof.
    What the list of trusted credentials is for

    Devices and browsers contain a pre-defined set of trusted certificate authorities, along with the public keys required to verify each company's certificates. Upon encountering a certificate signed by a certificate authority in its trusted list, your device will trust that certificate.

    If your device encounters a certificate signed by an untrusted company, you will be alerted with a warning. The warning means that the site's identity could not be properly verified by a trusted authority, and therefore that you can't be confident that it is not a rogue site impersonating the genuine site.

    In cases where a certificate authority is later found to be untrustworthy or its systems have been broken into, you may remove it from this list.
    When these settings would need to be modified

    You should not normally have reason to modify this list yourself.

    If a certificate authority is ever revealed to be untrustworthy or has their systems compromised, it tends to become fairly big news; these are the trusted companies that the internet relies upon for the basis of verifying authentication and any loss of trust in these companies is fairly important news for browser makers. Your browsers and devices may receive security updates to remove those companies from their trusted credentials list. If not, or you don't want to wait, or you have personal reasons not to trust a particular company, you can remove them yourself.
    What the sections mean

    The system tab contains the list of trusted certificate authorities that came with your device.

    The user tab contains the list of trusted certificate authorities that you, or an app you have been using, has installed on your device. Often, this list will be empty if you have had no reason to install an additional CA certificate on your device that wasn't originally provided with the device.

    User-installed certificate authorities may be used if, for example, you need to make a secure connection to a corporate server and you need to verify its authenticity with a certificate signed by a server within your company.

    Your corporate network may direct you to manually install them as a trusted certificate authority, or they may give you an app to add this automatically.
    Security implications

    Adding a new certificate to your list of trusted credentials potentially gives the owner of that certificate the ability to impersonate any secure server such as a secure website or email server, defeating the verification mechanism of SSL. Only install new credentials from sources that you trust.
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    Default Re: Trusted Credentials - What happens if they are all erased?

    No sorry I didn't mean to submit a blog that wasn't my own. But here are my words :My certificate's have been accidentally erased from my ZTE LITE, and I got chastised for it. Please help me figure out how to put them properly back?
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    Default Re: Trusted Credentials - What happens if they are all erased?

    So so very true ,we do need someone who can step up and help us the people who are willing to learn to fight for ourselves against the system,its like just about anybody who does know about phones and all there ware is for the other side and none for our side. There has to be a person of God that knows how to at least begin to teach us.

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