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    Default Mobile HotSpot Toggle Widget

    Does anyone know of a Mobile HotSpot toggle widget or app that works on the S5 with Verizon?

    I tried the widget I used on my Droid3 but it doesn't turn on the HotSpot on the S5. All it does is turn off WiFi, flash the "Checking Subscription" message and then stop.

    I tried a different HotSpot app and it just continually flashes the "Checking Subscription" message until I back out of the app.

    The HotSpot works fine if I go through Settings...More Networks...Mobile HotSpot...On

    I called Verizon Tech Support and they suggested 2 things:

    1 - "Keep trying different apps and widgets until you find one that works."
    2 - Post the issue in a forum to see if anyone else has found one, so here I am. ;-)

    The rep was surprised that the S5 didn't have it's own widget, but he checked and verified that there wasn't one.

    Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Default Re: Mobile HotSpot Toggle Widget

    I just verified that it doesn't seem to have a shortcut myself.

    I am "assuming" that it was done that way simply because once you turn Hotspot on, the battery consumption will increase quite a bit. There is the admonishment to plugin to a charger so the phone doesn't die while it is acting like a modem.

    On my previous Galaxy S, I used FoxFi with PDAnet and it worked very well. You can create a shortcut to FoxFi and turn it on/off in a heart beat.

    FoxFi works with the S5 and is easier to get along with than the Hotspot on the S5.
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    Default Re: Mobile HotSpot Toggle Widget

    Thanks for the reply.

    My son invited me to tag along to a S5 class given by Verizon tonight, so I'm going to go and see what tips I can pick up. If I get a chance I'll talk to the instructor about a Hotspot widget. After that I might give FoxFi a shot. Thanks again.
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    Default Re: Mobile HotSpot Toggle Widget

    Well, the class wasn't any help with the Hotspot widget issue. The instructor didn't know of one.

    As far as the class itself, it was unfortunately a little more basic than I had hoped. Of the 10 people in attendance, 1 person was a first-time smart phone use so he had to stick to his curriculum of starting the class with some very basic Android stuff - dialing, messaging, what is an app, etc. Once he got to the S5 material, I gleaned a few tips that will come in handy, but the guy didn't go very deep.

    Let's just say it wasn't a complete waste of 1.5 hours.
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    Default Re: Mobile HotSpot Toggle Widget

    Having the same problem. Have tried several apps but nothing seems to work.
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    Default Re: Mobile HotSpot Toggle Widget

    Have you guys tried Widgetsoid? I don't use Hot Spots, but it would be my go-to app for widgets that toggle.
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    Default Re: Mobile HotSpot Toggle Widget

    I use nova launcher's mobile hotspot shortcut. But it's not a toggle shortcut or widget, it just takes you to the mobile hotspot menu to turn on/off the hotspot. It works well.

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