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05-24-2014 09:04 AM
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    Default Galaxy S5 ATT Upgrade Question

    So I have an iPhone and I'm considering switching over the S5. I already used an upgrade on att.com and the Galaxy should be delivered later today. I'm still not 100% sure I'm going to make the switch yet though. I am a little tight on cash right now, and it might be more beneficial for me to sell the S5 and wait to I am in a more comfortable position to make the move to Samsung.

    If I do decide I want to sell the phone, I'd like to keep the package sealed (it'll be worth a little more). Since it's coming from ATT.com (I used an upgrade), will this be a problem? I'll likely sell on eBay, but I know from previous sales of iPhones, sometimes sim cards come preinstalled, and, at least with the iPhone, when purchased from Apple or ATT, before being able to use it, you had to enter the last few digits of your social security number (the one connected to the account holder).

    Is it the same case with the Galaxy? Do I need to open it and remove the sim before I sell it? Or even open it, activate it on my line, then deactivate it by remove the sim before I sell it? Any help will be appreciated.
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    Default Re: Galaxy S5 ATT Upgrade Question

    I don't have AT&T, but the Verizon version came with the SIM installed. The market has plenty of S5's and I wouldn't expect to get any more than what someone could buy it for outright. I honestly doubt you will get full retail at this point but take a look at Swappa and see what they are going for. IIRC, the box should tell you if the SIM is installed but I'd bet that it has been.


    A quick looks shows the last few sold somewhere between $480 and $520.
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    Default Re: Galaxy S5 ATT Upgrade Question

    All of my AT&T phones have come via online with SIM cards pre-installed. Don't have the S5 yet though.

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    Default Re: Galaxy S5 ATT Upgrade Question

    My s5 from ATT came from Amazon and had the ATT Sim card installed.

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