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    Default Missing 2X4 Calendar Widget on Verizon S5?

    I recently setup my Verizon S5 along with 2 other S5's for friends/family. The strange thing is this. We all used to use the 2X4 calendar widget in ICS on the Galaxy Nexus.

    The other 2 phones do indeed have a separate widget called 2X4 calendar along with two other larger calendar widgets in a group (4X2 and a larger one).

    However my phone (same model, same carrier) does not have that 2X4 widget although I do have the other calendar group. We are all using the stock (Samsung) calendar app.

    As far as I know that was a stock widget on the Nexus ICS and for some reason does not appear on my phone. None of these phones are rooted and are stock.

    Not the biggest issue in the world but rather curious.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Missing 2X4 Calendar Widget on Verizon S5?

    Verizon here.

    Saw a single Widget labeled "Calendar"

    clicked on that and it opened up a new window which shows a 2x4 "today mini" calendar and also a 4x4 "full month" calendar.

    I looked at the mini calendar and didn't like it.

    Brought up the full size calendar and it created a whole new screen just for that one widget. Nice.
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    Default Re: Missing 2X4 Calendar Widget on Verizon S5?

    Thanks for the reply. I do have that calendar group of two also.....unfortunately that group has the 4x2 and 4x4 widgets (not the 2X4). So the 4x2 lays out horizontally vs. vertically.

    The 2X4 they have is standalone. If you don't have that one either, perhaps there is some program that adds it that they re-downloaded on their new phones and I did not. But it is not a calendar.

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    Default Re: Missing 2X4 Calendar Widget on Verizon S5?

    Digical app on Android market has a widget that should work... Thats what I use

    Sent from Portland Oregon using my Samsung galaxy s5 on Verizon

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