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    Default backspace triggers twice

    If I press a character immediately after pressing backspace (on the default Samsung keyboard), the backspace triggers twice before adding the character. If I take a moment between backspace and the next key, it is fine, but if they're hit in rapid succession, then this happens.

    Anyone else having this problem?
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    Default Re: backspace triggers twice

    Sounds like a software glitch. Does it do it in a specific app or just in general? Have you tried other keyboard settings besides the Samsung default? Or have you downloaded an app recently that accesses your language input. Sometimes they can cause missteps...
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    Default Re: backspace triggers twice

    It does it in general no matter what app I'm on. I've been avoiding trying other keyboards due to the device's warning that they could potentially store and send out anything I type, including passwords etc. I think this has been happening since day 1 out of the Verizon box before I installed any apps, but it took me a little to figure out what was going on. But I suppose if no one else is experiencing this, I'll have to try removing apps one at a time to see if anything helps.

    Additional note, I just confirmed that rapidly tapping a character and then backspace does not display this problem. The typed character is removed as expected. It's only when backspace is tapped before a character that it is triggered twice.
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    Default Re: backspace triggers twice

    I'm also having this issue... annoying... researching it now, so far nothing.
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    Default Re: backspace triggers twice

    I was curious so I just tried it on my phone, and it does exactly the same thing. I've never noticed it before. I suspect it's a "feature" of the Samsung keyboard.

    my phone is an att s5.

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