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    Default Window view in S-View Flip Case not working

    I got an S5 just over a week ago, with the official S-View Flip Case, and it all worked fine to start with. However over the last few days I've had issues with the case. To start with occasionally when I closed the cover, instead of having the background wallpaper and large digital clock, the screen through the window was black but still with all the icons along the top - wifi, signal, battery % etc. And occasionally when I opened the cover and pressed one of the start buttons the whole screen stayed blank for a few seconds with only the soft keys at the bottom lighting up.

    So for the last couple of days I used the phone without the flip case and it's worked absolutely fine. Now I've put the flip case back on and now every single time I close the case the window only shows up black with the icons along the top (and obviously goes completely blank when the screen turns off). When I press the power button with the case closed it's the same story, even though I should get the big digital clock, bright background wallpaper etc. What's going on?! I can't find anything about this problem elsewhere on the internet. Anyone got any suggestions? Do you think it's a problem with the phone or with the case? Since I've had it for so little time I should be able to take it back to Vodafone next week when I'm near the shop, but I'm really hoping it's the case and not the phone because I've put a lot of time into adding my contacts, photos, apps etc!
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    Default Re: Window view in S-View Flip Case not working

    Probably just the case but have you checked the settings for accessories to make sure its recognized properly
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    Default Re: Window view in S-View Flip Case not working

    Yep it comes up in Accessories and lets me change the wallpaper, weather and pedometer settings.
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    Default Re: Window view in S-View Flip Case not working

    Update after all the helpful replies. My phone did a software update yesterday and since then it's all worked fine. So I guess it was the phone rather than the case, which sucks. Just have to hope it doesn't happen again.

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