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    Default Disappearing Contacts on Galaxy S5

    Some of my contacts disappear randomly, not sure if this is a common issue and if there is something to do to recover and fix problem?
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    Default Re: Disappearing Contacts on Galaxy S5

    Not a common problem at all.

    Do you have them sync'd up with anything? Maybe consider Google+ as a backup? I don't use their service but it is a solid backup source.

    If you have Air Gestures enabled there is a possibility that you somehow told it to delete a contact just by having your hands close to the phone. That feature caused my phone to do things that I did not anticipate. I considered that an annoyance and turned it OFF and have not missed it as all.

    Just a thought.
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    Default Re: Disappearing Contacts on Galaxy S5

    2 days ago a lot of my regular contacts disappeared, I re-entered them by reading texts to figure out who they were. Today all my facebook contact pictures are gone. What is going on?

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