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    Default Call Forwarding = Fewer Missed Calls

    I'm sure you more seasoned smart phone users know about this already, but I just tried the automatic call forwarding feature. You can configure it to forward to the number of your choice for ALL incoming calls or UNanswsered calls. I chose UNanswered calls. I'm old school and still have a land line. My mobile phones have mostly been for when I'm mobile (not at home) yet half the world still wants to call me on my mobile phone which isn't always around when I'm home, or the ringer is mute or it could be in the car. So, I miss the call (and the text if one is sent). With the call forwarding, if I don't answer my cell phone, the call is routed to my home phone rings It's in the phone app/settings/call/call forwarding.
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    Default Re: Call Forwarding = Fewer Missed Calls

    that does work nice.

    Land lines are extinct, don't 'cha know :-)

    I don't have one, but we do have 3 cell phones in our family.

    If I know there is a need, I just hit *72 (xzy) 123-4567 and that forwards to the new number.

    *73 cancels the forward.

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