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    Default s5 active forum

    Lets do petition for s5 active forum

    Please attenion cooling system malfunction please use nearest exit -BF4 lacang dam
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    Default Re: s5 active forum

    I agree. I am highly interested in the s5 active as well as the g3. Like to know more about the active.

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    Default Re: s5 active forum

    I just picked up the S5 Active from AT&T two weeks back. Its basically the standard S5 with a few differences:

    1. No Fingerprint Reader
    2. Physical buttons
    3. USB 2.0 instead of USB 3.0
    4. Ruggedized exterior

    I chose it over the standard S5 simply because I liked the design. Coming from my 2 year old S3, it's an improvement. My only complaint so far is finding the right case to protect my investment. If the fingerprint reader is something you really want, you can get the S5 and put a great active-like case on it.
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    Default Re: s5 active forum

    The topic of creating sub-topics off the main S5 forum has been beaten into the ground.

    I have always voted 'No' on this, it creates a diversion of actitivity and the overall forum traffic dies.

    Then you have a dead forum.

    No thanks,

    The moderators have replied on this before.... not likely.

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