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    Default S5 Memo app syncing

    I'm starting to lose my mind trying to figure this out - up until a few weeks ago, I was an iPhone user. I have a Macbook and an iPad and one of my favourite things about the Apple system was being able to sync my calendar, reminders and notes between devices. I recently got a new Galaxy S5 and I love it, and have managed to find syncing workarounds for my calendar, and I am using Google Keep for my 'reminders' (I primarily used my reminders app to make checklists for packing, or to do lists, and things like that, which Google Keep works great for). However I cannot for the life of me figure out how to sync my Notes. I tried adding my google account to my Apple Notes on my Macbook as this is what I did for my calendar, but this syncs to my gmail rather than to my phone.

    I have the Memo app on my S5 which is exactly what I want to use as it almost exactly the same as the Apple Notes. When I check the sync settings in Memo, the box is checked to enable syncing of my memos, but where on earth do they sync to?! I have no idea how to access them outside of my phone, which is a pretty important feature for me, as I often write long chunks of text on the go and then will need to access them on the computer once I get home.

    I know I can use Google Keep to make normal notes as well as checklists, but I like to have them separate from checklists, and Google Keep doesn't let you make different folders or categories for notes, they are just all mixed together.

    Does anybody have the same problem or know of a workaround?
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    Default Re: S5 Memo app syncing

    Memo on the S5 just syncs with your Samsung account, mainly for backup purposes. I use Google Keep and like it, its available anywhere you have internet access through a browser. There;s no app for iPad or Mac yet though. On my Mac and iPad I just connect to my notes through Safari, https://keep.google.com

    Evernote is also a good alternative and works across multiple platforms very easily.

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