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    Default Three problems with my S5

    I've noticed three things that are bugging me about my Galaxy S5 and was wondering if maybe anyone here could help me fix them.
    1) When I type the word "I" if I don't manually input a space after it and try to just keep going with Swype it'll leave it as a small i instead of a capital (like it just did in this sentence).

    2) It seems the stock Internet browser that's been on the S3 and S4 that I really enjoy didn't come with this. Is there a way to download it considering I couldn't find it in the Google Play Store? I've been having to get by with Chrome so far.

    3) My list of apps when I click the button to open them it doesn't wrap around when I get to the last page forcing me to go backwards instead of just going from page 4 to page 1. I couldn't find a setting to change it either.

    Anyone know any fixes to any of these problems? Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Default Re: Three problems with my S5

    Not sure about #1. For #2, I'm not sure if you could install an apk file of the stock browser from the S4--there might be significant compatibility issues. You could consider a lean, stripped-down browser like Now Browser.

    For #3, was wraparound possible on your previous Samsung phones? From what I know, you can do this on 3rd party launchers like Nova Launcher, but not sure about TouchWiz.
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    Default Re: Three problems with my S5

    My S4 had the wraparound thing for apps. Even the S5 on demo in the Best Buy I work in has it but mine doesn't. Does yours?
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    Default Re: Three problems with my S5

    I don't have an S5, sorry! Are you on Verizon? For some reason, it sounds like Verizon disables this function: Infinite Scroll with Touchwiz

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