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    Default S5 Qi Charger & Otterbox Defender anyone ?

    Does anyone know if the Otterbox Defender will still fit if a Qi Receiver is installed ?

    I've seen that the Samsung original won't fit but I was wondering about using after market receivers instead.

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    Default Re: S5 Qi Charger & Otterbox Defender anyone ?

    Yes, unequivocally.

    This Qi charger will fit in the OEM battery case w/o any issues at all.

    It does not pooch out the back. In fact, some folks say that you need a smallish piece of paper placed over the power pin contacts to make it "always work".

    I cut a piece of business card about 3/8" by 1/2" and placed it over the contacts. No where else.

    It has been in the phone for about 4 months and it works every time I place it on the charger pad.

    I am using a Spec CandyShell case and even the extra thickness of that case does not stop the charger from working.

    * Speck CandyShell Grip- Black/Slate:

    Can't vouch for your case..... but it works with mine.

    * Qi Standard Wireless Charger kit 'mine' for $18.99 and includes the Charger Pad

    yup, charger and pad for 19 bucks. what a deal.
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    Default Re: S5 Qi Charger & Otterbox Defender anyone ?

    Works fine for me.

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