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    Question Sound gone


    I've been trying desperately by myself to fix it but after a day of trying and no luck i'm posting here for ideas! (i'm quite techy myself just in case!)

    Sounds from the back speaker are gone. I can plug my headphones, listen to music etc. I can place a call and hear (but if i touch the speaker icon, nothing happens). Even when i boot/reboot the phone, the usual music from bootlogo isnt going anymore.

    I've had my S5 (Europe model) for 2 weeks now and all has been ok so far (just migrated from iphone). Can't say everything is perfect and less user friendly but yeah, you get used to it !

    Not saying this is linked but that's the only thing i've done today.
    As i have been unable to send mms but receive them fine, i was checking things here and there and saw a system update. When i checked for update it said it had a ~200mb update to do. It did it fine and after reboot everything was still working as expected until suddenly the sound went off.

    I have tried to wipe the cache partition several time, had several reboots but nothing. I really really do not want to go the factory reset and have to re-install everything.. so i'm looking and open to try as many things as possible until this is my last solution.

    Any help appreciated!



    Edit: (just left the initial post in case in can help anyone !)

    After keep trying, i thought about just completely removing the battery and leave it be for 15mins. and...it worked
    Now, i want to understand...

    Is removing the battery doing anything special to the OS that cannot be done via cache wipe, reboots etc ?

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    Default Re: Sound gone

    Welcome to the forums, and Android. The battery pull probably drained all power through the device leaving the chipset no power to keep anything in memory. I don't know why that happens, I just know it can.
    When you rebooted after that, everything had to load from scratch, and cleared whatever error was there to begin with.

    Has the problem reoccurred?
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    Default Re: Sound gone

    Thanks ! (been lurking around here for so long !)

    After the reboot and so far everything works fine. i'm going to go through a few reboots, shut downs etc to make sure, but it looks fine.. not sure what can hae caused that "bug"
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    Default Re: Sound gone

    Something similar happened to me yesterday and I didn't get to work on time. The alarm, notifications, nothing worked. After some reboots when the reboot sound didn't play, and a battery pull, it started working again. Fyi, my battery did not deplete completely....

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    Default Re: Sound gone

    At least we have some fix/workaround if that happens again. i only took off my battery for like 15mins or so, did not deplete it either (i think i was around 60% or so before removing it)

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