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    Default Overheating issues with S5 since last software update

    Hello. I have an S5 on Verzion wireless network. I've had it since around the middle of May, and have had no issues until the last update which was a couple weeks ago.
    Now it is constantly running hot, I had to take my case off because the notification kept coming up it was overheating. Now it gets hot as soon as I remove it from charger and using only twitter and facebook. I make sure all apps are closed. My battery drains to 20% by 11am, even without constant use. I turned off location services and automatic sync for email and that helps a little bit. When the phone is hot it runs sluggish, so I power off for 15 mins or so to cool it down.

    Anyone else with this problem? I guess I might have to make a trip to the local Verzion store to spend a good 3 hours of my life, LOL.
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    Sounds like an app or process is running crazy. A factory reset may cure the issue if nothing else does. Have you wiped the cache?
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    Default Re: Overheating issues with S5 since last software update

    I will try that. I've never done a factory reset before, do pictures and videos get wiped? Just not sure what would need backed up first.

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