1. thoots's Avatar
    Does anyone know how the dang Samsung Cloud is supposed to work?

    I'm trying to help a friend who has a ton of pictures in her Samsung Cloud, and while she can log into her Samsung Account just fine, she absolutely CAN NOT log into the Samsung Cloud. Either on the phone, or on her computer. The e-mail address and password she uses for the Samsung Account absolutely are not working whenever she tries to log into the Samsung Cloud.

    The phone shows that there are indeed a bunch of files in her Samsung Cloud, but without logging into the Samsung Cloud, there is nothing she can do with them We sure can't find any way to get to the Samsung Cloud from the Samsung Account -- we have certainly looked through that.

    So, are these two separate things that need separate login passwords? I have to presume that she should use the same e-mail account that she logs into the Samsung Account with, but no password she has ever used will work in the Samsung Cloud.

    I expect that she has NEVER actually logged into the Samsung Cloud -- my impression is that she just has the phone set to back stuff up to the Samsung Cloud, which would include any pictures that have been on her phone at any time. So, while she would like to copy those files to her computer, my guess is that she already has done so with all or most of them already, when they were in her phone's internal memory.

    So, does that sound like she should just "register for a new account" for the Samsung Cloud? Or should she go through the "forgot password" routine? The very last thing we want to do is screw up her ability to log into the Samsung Account, so I have been reluctant to do the "forgot password" routine.

    If anyone knows how these Samsung things work, I'd love to read any sage advice you could send my way. Thanks!
    04-20-2017 10:43 PM
  2. Soundman72's Avatar
    What model of Samsung phone is she using also what version of android is she running
    Yesterday 10:02 AM

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