So, I decided not to wait until my Brazillian unbranded S3 got the OTA update (who knows how long it'll take) and flashed one of the newer official JB roms.
The speed from Project Butter is pretty nifty; I've noticed that it's not that the speed had a massive increase, rather than it remains at high fps instead of dropping every now and then and lagging. The only visual lag I've experienced is in the widgets menu inside the app drawer.
The new notification area is a lot more visually appealing, and the expandable notifications are a nice touch.
I noticed that the camera and gallery apps seem unchanged from ICS, even though they should've had some improvements, according to google. Another thing that disappointed me is the lack of the JB unlock screen. Granted, I like my ripples, but the layout on the vanilla JB is more appealing to me. I also wish they had included the JB wallpapers... These are just small things, however.
Overall, it's a very good update, and it's clear that Sammy's TouchWiz is stil prevalent and could possibly use a bit of polish.
Anyone else updated yet? What are your thoughts?