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    Default European Galaxy S3 9300

    I got a European Galaxy S3 9300 and it does not have the light sensors in the front of the phone, is that the only difference in this version of the Galaxy 3 ???
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    Default Re: European Galaxy S3 9300

    The international S3 has a quad-core processor with a GB of RAM. The U.S. version has a dual-core processor with 2GB of RAM. Differences in performance are negligible, and very debatable. There are other differences but im honestly just stumped to hear about these "missing" light sensors... could anyone shed some light on this? As far as I know the sensors on all S3s are the same and I'd be very, very surprised to learn otherwise...

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    Default Re: European Galaxy S3 9300

    Is the light sensor the same as the brightness sensor? Mine works fine, do you have 2 small back dots (not including the camera) just next to the speaker, if you dont then the phone may have a different digitizer on

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    Default Re: European Galaxy S3 9300

    Gt-i9300 looks EXACTLY the same as every other s3 so if theres no sensors youve bought a fake

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    Default Re: European Galaxy S3 9300

    Hey mate. Try looking very closely at the top left, above the screen of your s 3. There should be a circle which looks faded. Otherwise it will probably be a fake as mentioned above.
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