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    Default Samsung Galaxy s3 Need Help Please !

    I dropped my phone (Samsung Galaxy s3) earlier today (screen fell face flat on the floor)

    Nothing broke, nothing cracked - though the screen wouldn't display anything, but it was still class time, so I put it away.

    When I got home, I took out the battery, put it back in, and turned it on again, I could hear the start up noise and everything, but the screen was still black.

    I tried taking the battery out and put it back in again, and this time I could see the screen, but it looks cracked - like the displayed image looks like a broken TV screen - and sometimes flashes weird colors (green yellow blue purple etc)

    Other than the screen, everything else still functions normally - The phone still has noises, I could still "receive" calls, I even tried playing some music (I remembered where I put my Music Player Shortcut on my page, so I was able to navigate there despite a 90% block of the screen) So basically, everything works normally - except for the "color gash" in the screen.

    I attached a picture of how it currently looks like (sorry about the bad quality - used my laptop to take it)

    I'm very lost right now and Idk if this can be fixed or not ... can anyone help me ? or tell me what kinda part is broken/needs repairing etc ? Thanks (:
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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy s3 Need Help Please !

    Yeah looks like the display (not the glass) but the display/digitizer is messed up.

    If your the techy type that likes to play around there is a wealth of videos on You Tube to help disassemble and replace just about anything on phones today. Parts are pretty easy to obtain also.
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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy s3 Need Help Please !

    Alright, thank you Paul

    *phew* good thing its still fixable

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