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    Default Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 - Black screen past Samsung logo

    When I boot my phone up I get the Samsung logo and then nothing past that. The sounds play and all the lights that normally light up during the boot process light up but afterwards I don't get anything. I'm afraid it might be water damage, but my phone wasn't fully submerged at all. I took the dog out on a walk and it was raining pretty hard. My phone was playing music fine during the walk and I hadn't realized any problems until I got home. I was trying to use it and the touch screen wouldn't respond to any inputs, I rebooted it and the screen started acting goody. And then on any further attempts my phone would fail to show anything past the Samsung logo. I'm using a zero lemon battery and when I went to pull it I noticed there was a very tiny bit of water inside the case. Not even enough to pool up, more like one or two droplets. Would this have been enough to damage my phone? I have it sitting in a bag of rice right now hoping that if it is water damage it'll sort itself out.
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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 - Black screen past Samsung logo

    You should be sure the phone is completely submerged in the rice (with the case off, of course) and leave it in there for at least 48 hours (the longer you wait the better). And of course the rice container should be sealed.

    If things aren't any better once you take the phone out then it may be time for a screen assembly replacement

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