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    Default Moving all files, contacts, pictures, music, messages etc for s3

    My Samsung s3 has recently decided it doesnt want to work properly so I have recieved an identical loan phone for the last 9 months of my contract. So i was wondering if there was a way of transferring all my old contacts, messages, pictures, music to the loan phone?
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    Default Re: Moving all files, contacts, pictures, music, messages etc for s3

    Install the Kies software on your PC and (assuming the old phone actually boots normally) you can use it to make a backup of your contacts, SMS/MMS, pictures/videos, call logs and TouchWiz settings.

    Then you can connect the new phone and restore that content.

    Of course, if you use Google to manage your account, your contacts should already be backed up, and when you setup the new phone it should restore them automatically.

    You can use something like Cloud Drive: on the old phone to backup your pictures/videos to the cloud (5GB free) or do similar things with Google Drive or Dropbox.

    You can use something like Helium: to backup your apps and app data from the old phone and restore it to the new one.

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