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    Default My Galaxy S3 won't let me download things?

    When I try to download a file, it doesn't even try or say download unsuccessful etc. It just does not download. There's just nothing there in the downloads. I press the download button again and again and nothing happens. It happens to mp3 files, too. When I press download, it just plays the music with my music player, but does not download it. It does download, however, if I use the option 'save link'. I've tried using 'save link' for this azw3file (ebook file) , but it shows up as 'javascript:void(0)'. Is there any way I can download the file? I have to use it in my meeting tomorrow. Thanks in advance
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    Default Re: My Galaxy S3 won't let me download things?

    Are you using a browser? Try using Firefox or Chrome to download.

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