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    Question GALAXY S3 i9300 (INTL) Battery Charger, Voltage And System Issue

    Hi there,
    I'm new to this forum and have a gs3 i9300 and I'm running CYANOGENMOD 10.2 on it and I have been experiencing major battery issues
    1) While Charging the rate of discharge is higher than the rate of charger when the phone is blank and not running any apps also and I am using the stock charger
    2) I have had to change several usb cables using the same adapter for first if i buy a new cable it will work fine for a few weeks and then it discharges faster than the phone charges it's like the phone dumps the cable and refuses to use it , while the same cable works fine with the other phones even after weeks of usage
    3) Something is wrong with the battery status indicator because when my phone is on for eg it shows my battery is 5 percent but as soon as I switch it off and plug in the charger it shows that the battery bar is 60-70% full that is very weird, I have tried calibrating the battery,tried formatting it and tried everything possible but the issue isn't solved.
    4) Something weird again this phone charges fine with my car charger which has a supply of 0.7A but only charges when switched off with the stock charger otherwise it only discharges instead of charging and I have used several different chargers also including the blackberry and iphone charger and I know there supply is less but it charges fine with it so i thought something was wrong with my stock charger but then the same happened with the other chargers so basically WHAT HAPPENS IS WITH THE CABLE AND CHARGER THEY WORK FINE ON THE PHONE FOR A FEW WEEKS AND AFTER THAT BOOM! THEY STOP WORKING AND BECOME REALLY SLOW WHILE THE SAME CABLE AND CHARGER WORK PERFECTLY FINE FOR THE OTHER PHONES!!!
    It's like my phone gets bored of the relationship and dumps them -.-


    Thank You guys for hearing me out and I'm looking forward for a great time on androidcentral

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