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    Default Best Antivirus For Samsung GS3 ???

    I have a bad virus on my Samsung GS3. I've Downloaded several free apps from Play store but nothings worked. What is the best free anti virus app that will removed the nasty virus from my phone?
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    Default Re: Best Antivirus For Samsung GS3 ???

    Welcome to Android Central! Can you tell us more about why you think your phone has a virus? And what antivirus apps have you tried so far?
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    Default Re: Best Antivirus For Samsung GS3 ???

    Each time I access the net, pops ups keep confirming my phone has a virus. The phone also keeps crashing and apps close down unexpectedly. Tried VGA AVAST and others, can't recall the names. Can you recommend a strong AV app? to rid this virus.
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    Default Re: Best Antivirus For Samsung GS3 ???

    Popups that tell you that your phone has a virus are usually browser popup ads that are trying to lure you into installing some bogus antivirus app that will probably be malware in itself. I would suggest clearing all of your browser's cache, history, and cookies--in Chrome, you tap Menu>Settings>Privacy, then tap Clear Browsing Data at the bottom. Then be cautious about the websites that you visit.

    In Chrome, also make sure that you have "Block Pop-Ups" checked on in Menu>Settings>Content Settings.

    What apps keep crashing? These could be due to a virus, but true viruses are pretty uncommon on Android phones--you have to agree to install the piece of malware in order for it to do damage, so unless you've been installing apps from shady sources (like filesharing sites) or poorly regulated appstores (pretty much anything besides Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and maybe a couple of others), you should be ok.

    You could always try a system cache partition wipe to see if it helps the random crashes. It won't erase any personal data. [Guide] Rebooting into Recovery Mode for the Galaxy S2, S3, and Tab2.
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    Default Re: Best Antivirus For Samsung GS3 ???

    You could try something like Malwarebytes: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...es.antimalware

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