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    Default voice note/recording buzzing


    My loudspeaker makes horrible buzzing sound when i record and play a voice note. If i play a video from youtube or a song on the sdcard, it sounds fine.
    What is the piece in charge of this that i need to replace? mic? speaker?

    Thank you very much.
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    Default Re: voice note/recording buzzing

    Hello Alexis,

    When you play the voicenote on a computer (or another phone if you share the sound file), does the loud buzzing appear as well? If so, it might be that the microphone is damaged or has shifted from it's original position, or that you're just talking too loudly when recording hehe.

    I don't think it's the speakers since you say YouTube and music sound fine.

    Try this: Record a voice note but step away from the phone before speaking. Then play that file. Does it do the buzzing now?

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