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    Default Re: Not able to connect my Tab to PC via USB cable

    This was super helpful. I was going crazy. My tab worked great for over a year and then a couple weeks a go I couldn't do any thing but charge it. This totally worked. Thanks so much.

    Hi Guys,

    just got an answer of all u there having problem connecting their Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7500 on your PC or Laptop.


    Quick STEP:
    1. Connect TAB to PC ( with its corresponding USB cord )
    2. While its connected ( MTP connected appears on your TAB )
    3. GO to Control Panel on your PC ( Find the Devices and printer )
    4. while in the " Devices and Printer ( SAMSUNG ANDROID will appear w/ a red marker saying " it has a problem connecting " )
    5. Right Click the " SAMSUNG ANDROID " and press the fix problem .
    6. then it will automatically fix the problem why your TAB wont connect to your PC ( Just fallow the troubleshoot steps )
    7. Then its a rap.

    HOPE it will work on you to, just like mine " Work's 100% perfect with no downloads required )

    Problem fixed " UPDATE is the Key "
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    Default Re: Not able to connect my Tab to PC via USB cable

    When I try to connect to my pc, a prompt said "usb is not recognised"

    Do anyone has same prompt like mine...?
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