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    Default Frozen at boot screen

    My situation is a little bit different than the recent post.

    Firstly, I received this tablet (SCH-i905) as a gift with cyanogen mod already pre-installed. Thus, in attempts to remove it, I tried to do a clean format in the android settings, but that didn't work.

    Then I tried the manual restore to factory settings, holding down the volume button + power button. Selected wipe data/factory reset. This didn't work either, cyanogen mod was still installed.

    Then I decided to unmount and mount the system and some other things. That's when I can't even start up my Tablet anymore. It is stuck at the load screen Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 .

    Now I am trying to flash the original hardware to my tablet using Odin, however I cannot find the rom. I also go to the official Samsung page, and downloaded the EXE, but get an NSIS error when trying to run it.

    Here are the errors I get when I select show log:
    Checking for extendedcommand
    Skipping execution of extendedcommand, file not found...
    Can't partition no vfat: datamedia
    can't format unknown volume: /external_sd
    can't format unknown volume: /emmc
    unknown volume for path [/sd-ext]
    can't remove '/sd-ext/dalvik-cache' No such file or directory

    Where do these ROMs exist or what other alternatives do I have?

    EDIT 2 :

    Well, I tried using Odin with PDA_SIGNED_P7105.tar.md5 . Now my device is in an infinite boot loop
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    Default Re: Frozen at boot screen

    After browsing some other threads, I see people are saying enter fast boot mode by selecting the USB.

    I don't see the USB, when I hold power and volume button, I only see the CWM based recovery on the left and the Odin on the right. Where is fast boot?
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    Default Re: Frozen at boot screen

    I Too Am Stuck In A Boot Loop After Trying To Upgrade The Android Operating System. Where Can I Find The Roms I Need, And Where Do I Find Odin?
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