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    Default shadow appeared on corner of my tablet!

    Has anyone ever have a shadow show up on your tablet? Its in the lower corner, and is only slightly annoying...but I'm hoping there is something I can do to fix it!
    I had it sitting on top of my dvd player (that wasn't on) but I wondered if it had some sort of magnetisim thing happen?
    Of course I tried restarting it, and then even turned it off for the night and restarted,..its still there!
    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    Default Re: shadow appeared on corner of my tablet!

    This should be in the Galaxy 10.1 forum, I didn't see that before I posted! I don't think this is a model problem, but if it is, there you go.
    If I take a screen shot of it, it won't show up. But if I take a picture of it with my phone it does. Maybe that will help?!?
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    Default Re: shadow appeared on corner of my tablet!

    48 hrs later and the shadow is GONE!!! OH HAPPY DAYS! lol....It must of been something to do with the magnetisim of the DVR that I set it on. So...lesson learned!

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