I'm not new to technology, but I'm new to the tablet hardware and what's good for the price, and what's coming next.. I saw this tablet on bestbuy's website for $299 and was wondering if that's a good price for this? or is is cheaper somewhere else I haven't found yet? I just want some newer hardware with a really nice screen

Is there something out there better hardware wise for the same price or under that I should get instead?
Is there a newer tablet coming out in the next few months that will be the same price or under that I should wait for?

I really wanted to find a tablet for around $200, but all I can find for that are 7" ones, and I really want a 10" for Netflix, reading books, playing some games, skyping every once in awhile, and typing some notes up. I have no clue where to look.. I just know that I want to stay away from those rip off tablets that you buy at Big Lots and such.. ugh