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    Hey everyone
    So we just went into at&t to upgrade my wife's phone to the s4 active. To make a long story short, we walked out with the s4 active, and in addition we got the tab 2 10.1 for an extra 100 bucks.
    So now here's my issue...I have an iPad 3. Now we have the tab 2. One for my wife, one for me. She wants ME to pick which one I want, and she will take the other.
    The tab 2 is on at&t data, the iPad 3 is WiFi only, but I can tether it to my s3.
    The iPad screen is WAY better...the tab is lighter...iPad is closed is open source...

    I am a web designer. I don't use it to actually code very much, but I do at times for small things, so being able to connect to my ftp server is important. I do take it to go meet with clients and take notes and draw little sketches. I take my iPad 3 now, but would the tab 2 be good too?

    I'm probably a fool for asking this on an android forum...but what should I do? Keep the iPad for me? Or keep the Tab for me?

    Also...since there is a phone number assigned to the tab...can it do anything more than just connect to the internet (and for apps connecting).

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts!
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    I'll be honest here, I also own an iPad3 and a Nexus 7. For meeting with clients I would honestly go with the iPad. It's been adapted into the work environment much more than Android has sadly. Plus, clients will think you're rich because of that thing, making them thing that this is the guy we want because he has obviously had enough clients to be able afford that thing.
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    Awesome! Thanks for being honest. I think I'm going to stick with the iPad. I can always steal her tab if I want it lol
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    I kept the iPad
    I told her since I always get the newest tech stuff, I want her to have the new toy lol
    I came out looking like the good guy

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