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    Default authentication error for WIFI

    Immediately after the software update started getting an authentication error, but only on one network. Actually the network I am using on my Samsung laptop, which has no issues. its running win 8. all other networks I have encountered have had no issues. Why this one network and only on my tablet???
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    Default Re: authentication error for WIFI

    I was having a problem with my tablet refusing to connect to my WiFi network after I upgraded my router to a Linksys EA6500 (or it may have started after the reset software update for the tablet - both things happened about the same time).

    The tablet tried to connect then reported "Authentication Error." After trying numerous things, I think that I finally fixed the problem by changing the password for the network on the router. I was using a password that was all numbers. I made sure that the new one contained a mix of numbers and letter. My theory is that the tablet confused the numeric password for the "hex key" version of the password.

    -- Roger
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    Default Re: authentication error for WIFI

    Ignore everything I said before. Even though changing the password fixed the problem for a little while, the next morning I was back to seeing "Authentication Error" and fluctuating signal strength for the wireless networks on the tablet.

    Walking through the living room a little later, I noticed some lights blinking near the floor. It was a Wireless-N extended that I had installed a while back. I had forgotten about it. I unplugged it and ... ta da! ... the wireless connection between my new router and the Samsung tablet is working.

    Edit: But, it is displaying signal strengths that are much lower than other devices in the same location are reporting.

    -- Roger
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    Default Re: authentication error for WIFI

    I discovered that my wifi, being set up with exclusions, required BOTH the mac address AND the device name required to match.

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