I have a samsung galaxy 2. 10.1. Last week I went to my parents house to help them get their dsl internet setup. I brought my tablet and my laptop. So I don't know what I accidentally did with my tablet or if it coincidentally happened that when I got home I couldn't use the internet! If I go to something like my facebook app I can go to Facebook. But anything I try for the internet doesn't work. I tried using yahoo instead of Google but that didn't help. Tried turning WiFi off and on. No luck. Sometimes I can enter a Google search and it will get to the page with all the options but then if I tried to touch what to go to it doesn't work. The little blue bar will only move across to about a half an inch. Other times when I try it simply says loading. It shows that I'm connected to my wifi but like I said doesn't work. I do not have cell service for it. I don't know what else to try. I'm a 51 year old grandma. Not exactly tech savvy. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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