I like the idea of tablets running a full OS, like the Samsung Series 7 or the Surface Pro--but they're upwards of $1,000. the only reason that appeals to me is because I'd like to run actual programs on it. I know nothing about operating systems, but I was wondering if the following was possible:

I saw that the Tab 2 10.1 is only $350 new, so I was wondering if it would be possible to load Ubuntu onto it? Would it be incredibly slow, or could I run something like MS Office without too much lag? It'd also be great to have Photoshop, via Wine, but I'm not sure if a 1Ghz dual processor and 1GB RAM could handle those programs. Would this be relatively straightforward, or would it not be worth my time?

I already use a Nexus 7 for Android 4.1, and I love it. I would just like to have a larger tablet for productivity, so that my laptop stays at home (even though it's thin/light, it's not thin/light enough, and the charger is a deadweight in my bag lol. I figure when I'm out of the house, I wouldn't really need full Windows 7 to do note-taking and whatnot).