I ran into this error msg a few days ago on my 2 7.0.....I might have added some music files 1/2 hr previous to getting this msg. I kept receiving it when I was doing routine maintenance clearing caches and deleting files not needed on the tab...everytime I deleted a file I got the msg. After a few min. It stopped. Tonite I was helping a friend with adding music files to her 10 inch. When I put the 32 gb card back in the slot, we first got the msg that the media scanner was running, then the media player gave a mdg that the file type was not supported...it was mp3 and would not play on stock player or winamp....the music list disappeared as well as the ext card showing in my files. Turned off unit , removed and reinserted card 3 times with same response. Took card and put it in the 7 inch tab...it started to play, got the media scanner msg then it stopped. After a few trys I got it to work on the 7 in and then the 10.
Is this media scanner msg new? I tried to find info about it online but only seemed to find info on phones. Sorry for the long msg but would appreciate any input on this msg.....thanks......nancy