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    Default Game lag on tab 3 8.0

    Hey guys, just got my tab 3 today and loaded up all the games I play on my S3 phone np and im getting lag on thebhigher end games. Lag I didn't get on my S3.

    Any ideas?

    Power saving is off.


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    Default Re: Game lag on tab 3 8.0

    Is your Wi-Fi on? If other apps are periodically refreshing data, it might cause intermittent slowing while playing your game. Try turning off Wi-Fi while playing (if you can), or turning off background sync and changing the refresh interval for all of your apps to manual.

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    Default Re: Game lag on tab 3 8.0

    That's funny... someone on this forum was just saying how much he loved his Tab 3 8 and complaining that he wished that his S3 wasn't lagging so much.

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    Default Re: Game lag on tab 3 8.0

    Sorry for your issues.. My Tab 3 8.0 exhibits no such issues whatsoever.
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    Default Re: Game lag on tab 3 8.0

    Might be due to the 1GB of ram in these devices

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    Default Re: Game lag on tab 3 8.0

    The Tab 3 8 has 1.5 Gig of ram not 1 Gig. I don't play the most intense graphics games out there but the Temple Run, Subway Surfer type games play very smooth.
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    Default Re: Game lag on tab 3 8.0

    I've played most of the high end games on here and noticed zero issues.

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    Default Re: Game lag on tab 3 8.0

    Depending on the game, it might wise to disable data while playing it. Something games require a data network (not to play but for ads) and this is where most lag problems occur, especially in a device like the Tab 3.

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    Default Re: Game lag on tab 3 8.0

    Yes--and there can also be some noticeable lag if the device is syncing other data in the background while connected to a network.

    Keep in mind, though, that more and more games are requiring a network connection upon startup in order to check the license--which I HATE, because if I'm on a plane or something and want to play, I don't want to be blocked from playing a game that I bought (or got for free) just because the device can't access the web at 40,000 feet.

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