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    Default DVD to Tablet

    I just got a Tab 3 8.0 and was wondering how to go about converting some of my DVD's and downloading to the tablet for traveling.

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: DVD to Tablet

    I would say the easiest way would be to download the file/movie itself from a torrent. But that's just my way of getting movies.
    Chances are very few of your DVD 's have a digital file so, in stead of taking the time to find a program to be able to rip them onto a computer, it would take less time for you to download them.

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    Default Re: DVD to Tablet

    Handbrake + VLC media player is a free way to rip contents off DVD discs, and then convert the rips to MP4 videos for your Tab tablet. In addition, i stumbled upon this article show you how to rip DVD for Galaxy S phone, however the program mentioned in this article is not free but effective.
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    Default Re: DVD to Tablet

    DVD Catalyst 4 - worth the $10 IMO.

    DVD Catalyst 4 | DVD Catalyst
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    Default Re: DVD to Tablet

    Can you tell me exactly how to do this? I have a Windows 7 pc and a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running Android 4.3. I tried several purchased DVDs and could see them under "source" in handbrake. When I selected the DVD under source, I got a message saying the selected DVD was being scanned, but when I clicked on the red start arrow I got a message saying I needed to scan the DVD first.

    Where does VLC come into the process?
    Any help would be appreciated. I bought this phone primarily so I could put my purchased DVDs on it but so far, I can't even get my music on the phone easily.
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    Default Re: DVD to Tablet

    Well I went ahead and spent some money buying Pavtube Blu-Ray ripper.

    It wokres fine and will optimize the files for what ever device you are using.

    I'm almost done converting my collection (132 Dvd's plus more Blu-Rays)
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    Default Re: DVD to Tablet

    I use 2 paid for programmes Any DVD for Android converter and magic DVD ripper. It rips my DVDs to mp4 format and then I connect my tablet to my laptop and transfer the files across to my tablet. They were both quite expensive $30 each but they get the job done and I think they are worth it. The any DVD for Android is a bit better as you can rip your DVDs to formats better suited to particular devices, ie there are profiles for galaxy tab 7,10, galaxy S4, note and the quality is generally better if it's device matched than ripping to generic mp4's.

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