I'm using Google calendar, samsung calendar, and A calendar on both phone and tab. I like the various views of month, week, and agenda so i want to keep all three on both. I also sometimes use google calendar on Win7 PC using chrome browser. both devices have recent set up, all syncing as evidenced by the syncing between calendars on each device, but the problem is:

1. On the phone (galaxy note 3), all three calendars sync fine with each other and also to the tablet's calendars but only if i set privacy to Private instead of Default at bottom of each new event page.

2. On the tablet (galaxy note 8.0) all three calendars sync with each other too, but never appear on the phone whether i set Default, Private, or Public on each new event.

It actually took me hours and several days of research to even get this far. At least i have a way to sync to the tablet, but additions i make to any tablet calendar does not sync to the phone.

Has anyone got these to work together from tablet to phone?