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    Default Samsung Tab 3 Sorry this video cannot be played.

    I have two Samsung tab 3's 10.1inch with both have captured video with the tab 3 looks great. Then copied dvds to sd card that i converted to mp4 now the captured videos do not play, and some of the movies as well. I have copied the files to the computer and they will not play on that either. Its like the movies have damaged the files some how. i have tried various players on the tablet and none work i think it is more that the files are damaged. Has anyone seen this before as I would like to get my captured video to play again and i want to be able to put movies on my Tablet or there is no point having one.
    I also tried moving the captured video to the Tablet directory also does not work, also replaced on of the SD cards still no good.
    Sorry this video cannot be played.
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    Default Re: Samsung Tab 3 Sorry this video cannot be played.

    I know It's been a while since you posted this, but download either MX Player or BS Player, both will play a properly converted mp4 video.
    The factory video player will not , at least not on my Tab3 8"

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