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    Default Tab 3 won't stay connected to Wi-Fi

    My daughter's New GT3 will not stay connected to my home Wi-Fi network... I've tried to change the IP address on the device with no luck and called Samsung with no help there either.
    I enter the password correctly to join the network and it will accept it, minutes later I will loose connection and try to reconnect and all I get is "authentication error occurred "
    Any help out there?

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    Default Re: Tab 3 won't stay connected to Wi-Fi

    I'm not a networking pro, but your router needs to be set for AES, not TKIP. That might solve the problem.
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    Default Re: Tab 3 won't stay connected to Wi-Fi

    Sometimes a pull of the power plug on the router helps. Saying that im no computer boff by all means but does help sometimes.

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