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    Default Looking for a compass/astronomy app that works (or is it my device?)

    I have a new samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0 (Android Jelly Bean 4.1)

    I have a star chart, (Star Chart), which does not track stars. The stars move when i look up and down, but not when i move the device side to side.

    I have tried numerous compasses (Marine compass, and others) from the play store, and none of them can find North.

    Can anyone suggest a compass and astronomy app that has been found to work for my device/operating software?

    Or is there something wrong with my device?

    The screen itself, in desktop mode, rotates fine. It know which way I am holding it. The marine compass tilts appropriately relative to the way i am holding the device. They just can't find north.
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    Default Re: Looking for a compass/astronomy app that works (or is it my device?)

    Lots of astronomy apps. Sky Safari is one good one.

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