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    Default Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 wont charge/turn on

    My Samsung galaxy tab 3 completely died for the first time a couple days ago, since then i have not been able to get past this screen (the attached picture) when i plug it in, no matter how long i leave it plugged in it never changes. i have tried holding down the power button for 30sec and just about every other button combo that i could think of or find on the internet. i even took the back off and unplugged that battery and left it for a long time. I have tried 6 different cables and every power source possible(wall charger, car charger, PC, car power converter, different wall usb connectors too). basicly im running out of things to try, i also cleaned out the charger port with a Q-Tip.

    Thanks ahead of time for the help, sorry if this is already resolved in a different thread. i looked but i couldn't find a solution for my specific problem.
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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 wont charge/turn on

    Does the samsung logo show up? did you hold power+home+vol down? If it cant go into download mode or recovery I dont know much.

    I used to have the tab 3 10"(GT-P5210), I did brick it my first time trying to flash a rom haha but I actually fixed it which was surprising.

    If you can enter download mode, You should try to find a download link for the stock firmware and download ODIN v3.7 and force a file dump of the firmware, I dont know if it works in your situation though.

    If all else fails, call Samsung. sorry for your loss buddy, the struggle is real
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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 wont charge/turn on

    Thanks ill give that a try when i get home, ya I'm about to spike this piece of garbage on the ground. Ive had ipads since they have came out and never had a problem, but i thought i would try something new.
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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 wont charge/turn on

    Did you have any luck with this one? I have the same issue on a Note 10.1, tried everything you have tried also with no luck!

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