(I'm sorry I just copy my thread from another forum because there is no answer yet)

Hello Everyone,

I have a major problem, and I can assure you guys that I have been on google the whole afternoon between French and English pages but I still can't find a solution for THIS problem : I erased/deleted files (epub files) on the INTERNAL MEMORY on the Tab ( Galaxy Tab 2 7" P6200, UNROOT, Android 3.2 )
The tab has been reboot twice.
I had tried many many programs but recover droid or recover and so on didn't recorgnize the tab (so i have been on google again, and by what I read, the tab is on MTP). Each time, I plugged the usb, it's plug and recorgnized on my window explorer and it's on MTP and I tried with DEBUG and Not Debug.
I also download Hexamob pro but mine tablet it's not root.

I'm wondering if I ROOT the tablet, in which so many people say that the tablet could be used as a Mass storage USB, and I could used recover prog so that could recover my deleted files. But by rooting the tablet would I lose and relose the files so I won't ever be able to recover the files? wipe the tablet and being all new, without nothing.

I just hope in however solutions I could recover my books I had more than 600 books and I lost them all and they were quite important and it would take me ages before I could study them. Actually, I was going to copy them today but I just lost them.

If anyone could help me, i really really appreciate that. Really, and if i seach for an IT person would that person able to recover the files? I'm just wishing that now tablet or phones have their own delete bin which i go could and unerase my mistake.

Hope that anyone could help me. Please, I'm really desparate, not crying because I need to focus to try to find a solution.