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    Default [Help!] Galaxy Tab 7+ Dead (?)

    My galaxy tab 7+ won't turn on, display is dead. Connected to a charger, nothing happening. Haven't used it for quite a while. The bottom-left corner (screen facing me) is quite warm when connected to the charger, with the rest of the tab rather cool. Tried holding down power button for as long as possible, nothing.

    It was running rooted stock ICS normally. After some weeks of not using it, it went into this state. Did i just hardbrick my tab? How can i fix it? Will Samsung Philippines be able to service my tab even if it's out of warranty?

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    Default Re: [Help!] Galaxy Tab 7+ Dead (?)

    I think allowing the tablet to sit like it did dropped the voltage on the battery to lower than the tablet needs to power up. Samsung may be able to fix it for you, but you would have to pay for it.

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    Default Re: [Help!] Galaxy Tab 7+ Dead (?)

    Mine has done that as well. If you're out of wsrranty and willing to pry open the back (thin jewelers type screwdriver, work wide sides to corners), detach the battery connector for a few hours, then reconnect & try to power up. Basically a battery pull on phone with a replaceable battery. Could save you the cost and hassle of mfg repairs.

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