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    Default ICS

    Will the VZ version be getting ICS like the 6800 based on the AC post yesterday?
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    Yes it will. I chatted with an official person on the Samsung Website and she said that the Verizon Galaxy Tab 7.7 is listed to be upgraded to ICS. She cannot confirm a date of when that will be released from Verizon.
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    The Verizon ICS OTA rollout started yesterday. There seems to be a wide spread problem with the update failing. XDA developers are debugging the issue but at this point the vast majority of people reporting their experience are reporting failure.

    The update seems to require build FD01b in order to update properly however before debugging the install nobody on xda had heard of or seen that version. The current version being shipped on new units is version FD01.

    It looks like Verizon or Samsung needs to step in to fix the problem. Any bets on how long that takes?
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    Ok, I just updated my Tab to ICS using the XDA forum guide. I did the NoWipe ROM and it worked fine, ICS is so much smoother than HC.
    Feel free to give it a try if you NEED ICS like I did for work.
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    just got my ICS from VZW ota and all seems to be well so far. 4.0.4 Anybody else!
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    Default Re: ICS

    I gave up waiting and did it manually last month. I was in a Verizon store a few days ago and saw that the display 7.7 had an update notification. Tried to run it but it failed. Looks like it was the small update again. Did the OTA come in two pieces?
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    yes, there was a small update followed by ICS. I totally expected it to fail, but i was surprised to see it install with 0 problems. And so far, so good! Happy Holidays!
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    Update: i had to do a factory data reset after i had battery drain issues, but all is good now. ICS is so much smoother.

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