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    Default Deleted files, but memory didn't clear!


    Well, it's not like I haven't spent the past hour or so searching everywhere, but I'm sure not finding an answer to this one:

    I'm loading media files onto my new Verizon GT 7.7 -- I've got a 64GB microSD card formatted as FAT32, which gives me plenty of room, but I figured I'd make some use of the 16GB internal memory, too. I figured on leaving about half of it available.

    So, I put a few large video files onto the internal 16 gigs, but it was more than I wanted to load there, so I moved a couple of files back to the SD card. Basically, I moved about 3 gigs back to the SD card.

    Then, to my horror, I found that, in the Storage settings, the available memory DIDN'T MOVE A BIT -- the memory didn't "clear."

    Though, it looks like the amount I moved is now showing in the "Miscellaneous files" section, but when I look into that, it's all in the "System memory" shown at the top of the screen.

    So, I want to "clear my memory." And, of course, all I can find is ten million things about uninstalling apps, clearing app caches, and so on. I get the impression that there must be some "system memory cache," but I sure can't find anything about that, or perhaps also a few very scary thing that I know nothing about, like booting into System Recovery.

    If you can help, I would surely appreciate -- I'd like to get my three gigs back!
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    Default Re: Deleted files, but memory didn't clear!


    Well, I finally got into the recovery menu, and cleared my cache partition. And it didn't help.

    So, let me try this again:

    When I go into Storage, I see what I'm thinking is my "three gigabytes" showing in the Miscellaneous files section. When I go into that, I see a few kilobytes for a few programs, but at the top it says "System Memory," which is 3.33GB.

    This is after a fresh boot, I've cleared all of the data in all of my applications, so there's really nothing else going on or taking up space.

    So, I have one question for everybody: Is this a normal amount of "System Memory" that you see? Can you go into the settings, and tell me what you have for "System Memory?" I'd sure appreciate that.


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